Influxdb 0.8.5 released

InfluxDB 0.8.5 recently released, is a time series, events, and metrics database. It’s written in Go and has no external dependencies. Influxdb enables you collect data on any interval and compute rollups on the fly later. InfluxDB contains a number of functions that you can use for computing aggregates, rollups, or doing downsampling on the fly. InfluxDB features a SQL like query language, only used for querying data. The HTTP API has endpoints for writing data and performing other database administration tasks.


InfluxDB 0.8.5 update

  • Allow graphite and collectd input plugins to have separate binding address
  • Use the query language instead of the continuous query endpoints that were removed in 0.8.4
  • Return an +Inf or NaN instead of panicing when we encounter a divide by zero
  • Don’t scan through points when we hit the limit
  • Fix timestamps when the collectd is used and low resolution timestamps is set.

Install Influxdb 0.8.5 on Ubuntu 14.04 & Ubuntu 14.10

# for 64-bit systems


sudo dpkg -i influxdb_latest_amd64.deb

sudo /etc/init.d/influxdb start

# for 32-bit systems


sudo dpkg -i influxdb_latest_i386.deb

sudo /etc/init.d/influxdb start

– Open your browser and access following URL

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