KDE plasma 5.1 officially released

KDE team has released its first KDE Plasma 5 maintenance release – KDE Plasma 5.1. This release contains new features including a wide variety of improvements, leading to greater stability, better performance and new and improved features. Based on feedbacks from the community, the KDE developers were able to package a large number of fixes and enhancements into this release, among which more complete and higher quality artwork following the new-in-5.0 Breeze style, re-addition of popular features such as the Icon Tasks taskswitcher and improved stability and performance.



Other improvements includes, Icons-only Task Manager, Notes and System Load Viewer, the notifications have received visual improvements, better support for time zones in the panel’s clock, including a revamped clipboard manager, allowing you to easily get at your past clipboard’s content. The Breeze widget style is now also available for Qt4-based applications, leading to greater consistency across applications.

Aside from the visual improvements and the work on features, the focus of this release lies also on stability and performance improvements, with over 180 bugs resolved since 5.0 in the shell alone. Plasma 5.1 requires KDE Frameworks 5.3, which brings in another great amount of fixes and performance improvements on top of the large number of fixes that have gone into Plasma 5.1

Further progress has been made on Wayland support. A new window manager binary ‘kwin_wayland’ now complements the existing ‘kwin_x11’, and is equipped with the ability to start a nested X server for compatibility with X11-based applications. A newly-created KWayland library provides Wayland setup information to KInfoCenter and other consumers.

[button href=”https://community.kde.org/Plasma/5.1_Changes” style=”flat” size=”medium” color=”#1e73be” hovercolor=”#0066bf” icon=”info”]See Full Change List for details[/button]

[button href=”https://community.kde.org/Plasma/Packages” style=”flat” size=”medium” color=”#1e73be” hovercolor=”#0066bf” icon=”download”]Download and Install on Fedora, Arch Linux, OpenSUSE[/button]

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