Sysstat 11.0.2 stable released

Sysstat 11.0.2 package contains utilities to monitor system performance and usage activity. Sysstat contains various utilities, common to many commercial Unixes, and tools you can schedule via cron to collect and historize performance and activity data. Sysstat supports UP and SMP machines, including machines with hyperthreaded or multi-core processors, supports hotplug CPUs (it detects automagically processors that are disabled or enabled on the fly) and tickless CPUs.


Sysstat’s features

  • Can monitor a huge number of different metrics
  • Average statistics values are calculated over the sampling period
  • Most system statistics can be saved in a file for future inspection
  • On the fly detection of new devices (disks, network interfaces, etc.) that are created or registered dynamically

Sysstat 11.0.2 update

  • Added irqtop command. irqtop monitors differences in /proc/interrupts and /proc/softirqs per CPU, along with CPU statistics. irqtop is currently in the contrib directory
  • Added irqstat command, a better way to watch /proc/interrupts, designed for NUMA systems with many processors
  • Don’t send SIGINT signal if parent process is already dead
  • Make sure that functions used to count items (CPU, network interfaces, etc.) are called only once.
  • sar and sadf now tell the user when they cannot read a file because the endian format doesn’t match.
  • Fixed incomplete sar and sadf output when end time (specified with option -e) crosses 24 hour boundary
  • cifsiostat/nfsiostat: Fix output on single core CPU
  • pidstat didn’t handle processes with spaces in their name properly. This is now fixed
  • NLS updated

Install Sysstat 11.0.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 & Ubuntu 14.10


tar -xvf sysstat-11.0.2.tar.xz

cd sysstat-11.0.2/



sudo make install
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