CentOS 5.11 released

CentOS 5.11 has just been released for i386 and x86_64 Architectures. This release is the eleventh update to the CentOS 5 distribution series. It contains a lot of bugfixes, updates and new functionality. CentOS as we already know is an Enterprise-class Linux Distribution derived from sources freely provided to the public by Red Hat.


Known Issues

  • The bash included on the ISOs contains the shellshock issue and needs to be updated after install. This is also true for the upstream RHEL 5 isos and since our goal is to mirror version numbers wherever possible, we do the same. An updated version of bash is released in the updates directory.
  • The boot.iso has been removed from the DVD iso for space considerations. The boot.iso is still in the 5.11/os//images/ directory on the mirrors and can also be downloaded as CentOS-5.11–netinstall.iso from the isos/ directory

New features

  • LSI MegaRAID SAS 9360/9380 controllers are no longer a Technology Preview.
  • When using samba3x, the format of the Trivial Database Files gets changed during upgrade. This change in format is not revertable.

To upgrade to centOS 5.11, simply run the following command

yum update

[button href=”http://isoredirect.centos.org/centos/5/isos/” style=”flat” size=”medium” color=”#1e73be” hovercolor=”#0066bf” icon=”download”]Download CentOS 5.11[/button]

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