MySQL Workbench 6.2.3 GA released

MySQL Workbench 6.2 is the new version for the official MySQL graphical development tool. MySQL Workbench 6.2 focuses on support for innovations released in MySQL 5.6 and MySQL 5.7 DMR (Development Release) as well as MySQL Fabric 1.5.


MySQL Workbench features

  • A new spatial data viewer, allowing graphical views of result sets containing GEOMETRY data and taking advantage of the new GIS capabilities in MySQL 5.7.
  • Support for new MySQL 5.7.4 SQL syntax and configuration options.
  • Metadata Locks View shows the locks connections are blocked or waiting on.
  • MySQL Fabric cluster connectivity – Browsing, view status, and connect to any MySQL instance in a Fabric Cluster.
  • MS Access migration Wizard – easily move to MySQL Databases.
  • Other significant usability improvements were made, aiming to raise productivity for advanced and new users:
  • Direct shortcut buttons to commonly used features in the schema tree.
  • Improved results handling. Columns have better auto-sizing and their widths are saved. Fonts can also be customized. Results “pinned” to persist viewing data.
  • A convenient Run SQL Script command to directly execute SQL scripts, without loading them first.
  • Integrated Visual Explain within the result set panel.
  • and much more

Install MySQL Workbench 6.2.3 on Ubuntu 14.04 & Ubuntu 14.10

sudo apt-get install libgtkmm-2.4-dev

sudo apt-get -f install


sudo dpkg -i mysql-workbench-community-6.2.3-1ubu1404-amd64.deb
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