Ubuntu Touch RTM version Officially Released

Canonical has released the first official version of Ubuntu Touch RTM (Release To Manufacturing), as its approaching the launching of the first Ubuntu Touch phones scheduled for the end of the year 2014. With the release of the Ubuntu Touch RTM version, Ubuntu users can now download this version and install on your their phones or tablets. The release at this stage is considered to be stable following numerous bugfixes and rigorous testings carried out by Canonical team.


According to Ɓukasz Zemczak To anyone that wants to have a stable and up-to-date Ubuntu Touch device, please flash your devices with an ubuntu-rtm/14.09 image. As a reminder: the stable-proposed images (those that have not yet been promoted) can be found in the ubuntu-rtm/14.09-proposed channel.

What to expect in this image? The list will be really hard to write up, especially that the baseline is not well defined – as it is our *first* RTM image that has been promoted. We also need to remember that all the landings are mostly bug fixes, as the time for features has passed. But let’s try anyway:

* MTP server fixes
* Facebook chat notifications
* Mir 0.7.1 (overlay enabled back again)
* Unity8 support for nested prompts
* New Ubuntu UI Toolkit
* Tons and tons of fixes for core applications, main UI, scopes and internal components

Checkout Ubuntu wiki on how to install Ubuntu Touch on support mobile devices

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