OpenSSH 6.7 will support Unix Domain Socket Forwarding

As announced by Nathan Willis, the next stable release of OpenSSH 6.7,  which is slated to arrive soon, will not only include the usual bevy of fixes and updates. This release will also introduce several new features, and it will be the first release to showcase the project’s efforts to refactor the OpenSSH codebase.


Among the new features is support for Unix domain socket forwarding. This feature allows a Unix domain socket on the local machine to be forward to a remote TCP port, or a remote TCP port to be forwarded to a local Unix domain socket—using the same syntax that OpenSSH supports for forwarding to TCP ports. For example, a remote PostgreSQL database instance could be connected over a secure SSH channel to a Unix domain socket on the local machine with ssh -L/tmp/ someserver. It is also possible to connect two local Unix domain sockets over an SSH connection.

The new release will also expand OpenSSH’s support for looking up SSH key fingerprints through DNS. OpenSSH’s support for the DNS SSH Fingerprint Publishing included Elliptic Curve DSA (ECDSA) keys. Version 6.7 will also support keys generated with Ed25519. See mailing list for more info including fixes

Install OpenSSH 6.7 on Ubuntu 14.04 & Ubuntu 14.10

sudo apt-get build-dep openssh


tar -xvf openssh-SNAP-20140914.tar.gz

cd openssh



sudo make install

sshd -v
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