Command Your Ubuntu Machine using Voice Commands

Voice Commands is a simple open source application that allows you to control your Ubuntu machine’s actions using your voice without typing anything. This application comes pre-built with 95 voice enabled actions in 67 languages. You can also record your voice against a command to add into the list already available. Voice Commands depends on internet access, active and correct volume Microphone.


The function of this program starts running script, which will start recording your voice, and if after five seconds, or run it again, start voice recognition, for now, make one of all commands available. Some of the voice commands are:

  • v-c -r « Run »
  • v-c -l -lang « To select another, of 67 languages for recognition. »
  • v-c -t -try « To try any command, of default lang, or, a [-lang]. »
  • v-c -mic [NUM] « Set port, to default [1,2,3…]. And, if [input-“1,2,3…”]. »
  • v-c -m -mod « To modify the commands file, and the README file. »
  • v-c -u -update « To update the README file, after modify the script. »
  • v-c -h « Show instructions README file. »
  • v-c –help « Show this message »
  • and many more

Install Voice Command on Ubuntu 14.04 & Ubuntu 14.10

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:baitsart/voice-commands

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install voice-commands


[box type=”danger”]This app does have some potentials here[/box]

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