Install Kexi 2.8.5 on Ubuntu 14.04

Kexi is an open source visual database creator, a long-awaited competitor for programs like MS Access or Filemaker. Kexi supports SQLite – file based (version 3.2 or newer), MySQL servers, and PostgreSQL servers. Kexi uses the KDE and KOffice features for better user’s experience. You can run it on most other desktops environment like GNOME or XFCE as well.


Kexi Features

  • Full visual designers for tables, queries and forms. Queries can be also designed in dedicated SQL view.
  • Running queries, support for parametrized queries.
  • Data entry and sorting.
  • Support for “Object” data allowing to store images of many types.
  • Designing and displaying relational data using combo boxes (lookup columns).
  • Advanced CSV data import and export from files. Copying to clipboard and pasting from clipboard is also available, thus the data can be easily transferred to applications like spreadsheets or word processors.
  • User Mode, allowing to switch off all commands related to editing project’s design (since 1.1.2)
  • “Find” window for searching thought table and form’s contents with rich set of options (since 1.1.3)

Install Kexi 2.8.5 on Ubuntu 14.04 & Ubuntu 14.10

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install kexi
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