Install Firefox 32 Release due in 2 September 2014

Firefox 32, based on Gecko 32 and currently in the beta channel will be shipped in September 2014. This release comes with a couple of changes, bugfixes and improvements, including new features. Highlight of changes and features includes:



  • Enabled mix-blend-mode by default
  • Implemented box-decoration-break and removed the non-standard -moz-background-inline-policy
  • Allowed flex-grow and flex-shrink to transition between zero and nonzero values

Developer Tools

  • Web Audio Editor
  • Code completion and inline documentation in Scratchpad
  • Element picker button has moved
  • Node dimensions added to the Inspector’s infobar
  • Full page screenshot button added


The following new ECMAScript 6 built-in methods got implemented:

  • Array.from()
  • Array.prototype.copyWithin()
  • Number.isSafeInteger()


  • Add support for the notation phasorangle


  • The navigator.languages property and language change event have been implemented
  • The KeyboardEvent.getModifierState() and MouseEvent.getModifierState() methods have been extended to support the Accel virtual modifier
  • The KeyboardEvent.code property have been experimentally implemented: it is disabled on release build
  • Implement scoped selectors for “querySelector()” and “querySelectorAll()”,for example “querySelector(“:scope > li”)”

Add-on SDK

  • Added exclude option to PageMod
  • Added anonymous option to Request
  • Add-on Debugger now includes a Console and a Scratchpad

Install Firefox 32 on Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 14.10

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ricotz/mozilla

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install firefox
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