Lightworks 12 Beta now Available for 3 OSs

Editshare announced the release of Lightworks version 12 Beta this week, as a Public Beta for Windows and Linux. It brings Windows, Linux and Mac versions of Lightworks to parity for the first time. This represents the first time the same version of Lightworks has been available on all three platforms, which is quite an accolade for the team”


Version 12 of Lightworks introduces some incredible new features to the application. Primarily the Content Manager which is a very useful way of managing all your media, edits and bins in a sensible way so that you can always find your media or your bins easily.

Lightworks 12 Key Features

  • Added new Content Manager structure
  • Optimised the drawing pipeline. Any/All UI elements are now drawn more efficiently (less laggy)
  • Rewritten the Lightworks Play engine to remove the need for the Display Optimisation Field/Frame button
  • Added improvements to the export panel to make it easier to select a format for export
  • Added entirely new Blur effect to the Effects panel
  • Improved responsiveness for image display when moving the timeline marker
  • The full list of fixes and other improvements in version 12 can be found here

Install Lightworks 12 Beta

sudo apt-get install gdebi



sudo gdebi libtiff4_3.9.6-11_amd64.deb

sudo gdebi lwks-12.0.i-amd64.deb


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