Install SQLite Database Browser 3.2.0 on Ubuntu 14.04

SQLite Database Browser is a visual tool used to create, design and edit database files compatible with SQLite. Its interface is based on QT, and is meant to be used for users and developers that want to create databases, edit and search data using a familiar spreadsheet-like interface, without the need to learn complicated SQL commands.


SQLite Database Browser 3.2.0 update

  • Add keyboard shortcuts for saving changes and for executing a SQL statement
  • Add High DPI text rendering support for Mac OSX
  • Remember column widths on Browse Data tab?
  • Allow any character as field separator and quote character when importing/exporting CSV files
  • Added entries for the Help menu
  • Also show temporary tables and views in the UI
  • Browse Data Tab: Remember column widths of the current table when changing to another
  • Initial code to allow translations of the UI into other languages (work in progress)
  • Fixes for building with Qt 5
  • Fix bugs in the SQL grammar parser which broke the UI for some tables, especially when some column constraints were used
  • Enabling auto-increment toggle doesn’t change definition field type to integer
  • Edit Cell Data Dialog: Improve handling of binary data

Install SQLite Database Browser 3.2.0

sudo apt-get install qt4-qmake cmake libsqlite3-dev libqt4-dev libqt4-core libqt4-qt3support


tar -xvf sqlitebrowser-3.2.0.tar.gz

cd sqlitebrowser-sqlb-3.2.0/



– To launch it

cd sqlitebrowser-sqlb-3.2.0/src

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