Evolve OS Alpha 3 Released

Following the successful release of Evolve OS Alpha 1 early this year, Ikey Doherty the developer has just announced the release of Evolve OS Alpha 3. According to Ikey, this release is the third and final alpha release of the Evolve OS images, as there is plan to move towards daily-builds and then to the beta stages.


For now, the Alpha 3 image is only suitable for 64-bit machines, and is not yet EFI capable. This release incorporates all recent updates, including X.Org 1.16.0, MesaLib 10.2.4, Linux Kernel 3.15.6, Firefox 31.0 and the GNOME 3.12 stack.

As explained by the developer, this release is not yet EFI capable as the installer needs an overhaul to handle EFI nicely, a delayed EFI image will be published later this week. For the curious we’ll be using gummiboot only for (U)EFI machines. GRUB2 will not be supported in this configuration.

What’s Changed in Evolve OS Alpha 3:

  • All updates have been included in this release, bringing the main components of the stack up to date
  • ALSA should now be correctly configured and integrated with PulseAudio – you can verify this by attempting to listen to a flash video in YouTube via headphones. The volume should also stay set now.

[button link=”https://evolve-os.com/download/” style=”download” color=”primary”]Download Evolve OS Alpha 3 Now[/button]

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