Install Evolve OS Alpha 1 with Budgie Desktop on VirtualBox

Ikey Doherty has just announced the release of Evolve OS Alpha 1 and it’s currently available in 64bit architecture. According to Ikey, this release is the first graphical and installable release of Evolve OS, marking it the start of the general availability. This image is targeted at the GNOME 3.10 stack,and will remain with GNOME 3.10 until the release and general availability of GNOME 3.14 around September.

Evolve OS Alpha 1 comes bundled with Firefox 30.0 as the default browser, and Budgie Desktop as the default desktop environment. You will also find gnome-control-center, gnome-weather, gedit, file-roller and nautilus all ready to go. The released image file will ship with the 3.14.2 Linux Kernel, but will be updated to the 3.15 series in the coming days, the delay is due to an lz4 regression.

Noted Known issues

  • gnome-screenshot fails to launch, missing schema (workaround: install scrot from repo, sudo pisi it scrot)
  • Stray development files in system: Please report them so these packages can be improved, i.e. the -devel packages need splitting correctly!
  • Budgie Desktop doesn’t “start” until mouse moves. Move it after log in, its really not slow. It just waits until input (weird bug, investigating)
  • No automatic login (Deliberate due to budgie/mouse issue)
  • No automatic partitioning in installer. (Not yet implemented. At least the complication looks good!)
  • Remnants of legacy SolusOS 2 branding remains (grep it, report it!)
  • No proprietary driver support (future!)
  • No multimedia support (proprietary, future!)
  • Hardly any software at all in the repos – early days! 🙂 (GIMP, Inkscape and Blender all coming soon)

Install Evolve OS Alpha 1 on VirtualBox

– Download Evolve OS Alpha 1 ISO

[button link=”” style=”download” color=”primary”]Evolve OS Alpha 1 ISO 64bit[/button]

– Create a new VM, set type to Linux (Ubuntu (64), Memory (min 1024), Network (Bridged)


– Start the VM, select the ISO file and click Start


– You will be presented with a login screen > click OK to login with user account without password


– Click the Launch icon > System Tools > Install OS


– Click ‘Install to your computer now’


– Click ‘Find my location automatically’ and click Next


– Select Language, Keyboard layout and click Next


– Click the shown device


– Click Launch Partition Editor. Click Device > Create Partition Table…


– Click Apply on the warning message


– Click the cross sign to create a new Partition. Leave all as default and click Add


– Click the mark sign to apply all changes


– Wait for the operation to complete and click Close



– Close the GParted screen > Select the new partition > click Assign as root partition and click Next


– Select your time zone > click on the Plus sign to add a new user > Click Add now and next


– Enter name of computer > check the boot loader (GRUB) install option > click Next


– On Summary, click next and wait for installation to complete


– Close the installer screen and restart the VM


Evolve OS Budgie Desktop



  • The installer screen should have a close or reboot button after install is completed
  • When adding a new user, note that the Add button will still be grayed out until your password length is more than 6 xters. No indication or warning so I got confused and had to increase the password length. Will check with the Developer if this is the case

For now I am still playing around with this OS which looks quite good and will post more issues or bugs as I come across it

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