Install Minetest 0.4.10 on Ubuntu 14.04

Minetest is an open source minecraft, Infiniminer – like game written from scratch and licensed under the LGPL (version 2.1 or later). It supports both survival and creative modes along with multiplayer support, dynamic lighting, and an “infinite” map generator.


The latest release 0.4.10 comes with following features and updates

New Features

  • Big Gameplay Changes
  • Added third person view
  • Removed finite liquid and weather
  • Smaller Gameplay tweaks
  • Create bones only when the player’s inventory is not empty & remove the bones when emptied
  • Made pause menu actually pause singleplayer game and use lower maximum FPS in it
  • Prevented placing node when player would be inside new node
  • Drop an item instead a stack while sneaking
  • Added support for exiting formspecs by doubleclicking outside

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed objects being selected behind a node
  • Fixed absence of images when compiled with RUN_IN_PLACE=0 (xyz)
  • Added option to link to OpenGL ES
  • Fixed CMake list parsing in build
  • Fixed cutting of multi-line error messages at half of second line in main menu dialog
  • Created new instance of mesh every time it’s required
  • Escaped error messages in error dialog
  • Added operating system to user agent
  • Prevented auto-rotated nodes from replacing the nodes they were placed on (ShadowNinja)
  • Added protection support to auto-rotated nodes (ShadowNinja)

Click here for full change log

Install Minetest 0.4.10

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:minetestdevs/stable

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install minetestc55


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