Install Gambas 3 IDE in Ubuntu 14.04

Gambas 3 is a free, full-featured, object language and graphical development environment based on an advanced BASIC interpreter with object extensions, a bit like Visual Basic. Gambas aims at enabling you to make powerful programs easily and quickly. Its architecture is largely inspired by Java. So Gambas is made up of:

  • A compiler
  • An interpreter
  • An archiver
  • A scripter
  • A development environment
  • Many extension components


The latest version 3.5.3 comes with following new features and bug fixes

  • NEW: Use the new wiki for the documentation.
  • BUG: Write project configuration before making an executable or a source archive, so that their contents is up to date.
  • BUG: Don’t freeze when loading an older version of a component project that misses some classes implemented in the newer versions of the component.
  • BUG: Fix the analyze of exported classes that override a class from a component.
  • BUG: Help on function argument is correct now.
  • BUG: Balloon: Fix position on desktop having top and/or left panels.
  • BUG: Balloon: Fix arrow drawing
  • BUG: Correctly close the standard error output of an ending process if its standard output has already been closed.
  • BUG: Fix a possible file descriptor leak when using LOCK.
  • BUG: Fix memory leak with Lower$() and Upper$() on some null strings.
  • NEW: Recipients now support the “Chuck Norris ” syntax.
  • NEW: The “Chuck Norris ” is now supported in the “From” property.

Click here for full change log

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Install Gambas 3

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:nemh/gambas3

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install gambas3

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