cURL and libcurl 7.37.0 Released

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  • 3 Years ago
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cURL and libcurl version 7.37.0 had just been released yesterday and now available for install as promised by Daniel Stenberg. This release includes the following changes:

  • URL parser: IPv6 zone identifiers are now supported
  • CURLOPT_PROXYHEADER: set headers for proxy-only
  • curl: add –proxy-header
  • sasl: Added support for DIGEST-MD5 via Windows SSPI
  • sasl: Added DIGEST-MD5 qop-option validation in native challange handling
  • imap: Expanded mailbox SEARCH support to use URL query strings [7]
  • imap: Extended FETCH support to include PARTIAL URL specifier [7]
  • nss: implement non-blocking SSL handshake
  • build: Reworked Visual Studio project files
  • poll: enable poll on darwin13
  • mk-ca-bundle: added -p
  • libtests: add a wait_ms() function

[button link=”” style=”info” color=”primary”]Click here for Details of Bugfixes[/button]

Install cURL & Libcurl 7.37 on Ubuntu 14.04, 13.10

tar -xzf curl-7.37.0.tar.gz
cd curl-7.37.0/
sudo make install


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