Install PeaZip 5.3.1 in Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit)

PeaZip is a free cross platform, portable file compression utility and file manager. Like Ark and FileRoller, PeaZip is a fronted for Open Source components from 7-Zip and other great projects (FreeARC, PAQ, UPX…), aiming to provide a powerful unified GUI, natively portable, cross-platform and desktop neutral.

PeaZip provides the same wide array of file compression and file management features, and same intuitive user interface on Windows (legacy and newer) and on various flavours of Linux and BSD, supporting Gnome, KDE and other desktop managers.


  • Extract, create and convert multiple archives at once
  • Create self-extracting archives
  • Split/Join files
  • Strong encryption with two factor authentication
  • Encrypted password manager
  • Secure deletion
  • Find duplicate files
  • Calculate hashes
  • Export job definition as script

Install PeaZip

I tried installing the x86_64bit package on Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit). The install went fine but when I try runing the application, I was getting following error which currently I haven’t seen any solution to yet:

bash: /usr/local/bin/peazip: No such file or directory

For now, installing the 32bit package on Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit) works but you need to install the 32bit dependencies

Step 1: Install Dependencies

32bit Packages

$ wget -c
$ sudo dpkg -i libgmp3c2_4.3.2*.deb
$ sudo apt-get install -f

Step 2: Download PeaZip GTK2

[button link=”” style=”download” color=”primary”]Download PeaZip GTK2[/button]

or from one of the mirrors


Step 3: Install PeaZip

sudo dpkg -i peazip_5.3.1.LINUX.GTK2-2_i386.deb


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