Install Gnome Classic (Flashback) Session in Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr comes with the default Unity Desktop Environment, but for some of us that prefer a more traditional styled desktop, Gnome Flashback Sessions formally known as Gnome Classic does offer you with the old fashion 2-bar panels.

Install Gnome Flashback (Classic) Session

– Open terminal and run this command

sudo apt-get install gnome-session-flashback

– Alternatively, click button below to install

[button link=”apt://gnome-session-flashback” style=”tick” color=”primary” style=”download”]Install Gnome Flashback (Classic) Session[/button]

– Next save your work and log out. On the login screen, click on the Ubuntu icon next to your username


– Select GNOME Flashback (Compiz) or GNOME Flashback (Metacity) and login


GNOME Flashback Desktop



Install Unity Like Global Menu

– If you fancy the unity-like app menu (global menu), then run the following command from terminal

sudo apt-get install indicator-applet-appmenu

– To add “Indicator Applet Appmenu” to the top panel, press down the Alt key, then right-click on the top panel and click ‘Add to panel


– Search for ‘Indicator Applet Appmenu’ and click Add


[box type=”info” style=”rounded” icon=”info”]Please note that when I added the Indicator Applet Appmenu, the Main Menu bar disappeared. You can either repeat the above step and add ‘Main Menu’ or revert back by opening any application, hold down the Alt key, right-click on the menu for this app and click ‘Remove from panel'[/box]


So maybe not a good idea to install this yet until this issue is fixed

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