Upgrade Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy to 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr

With the release of Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr on April 17th 2014, its now time for an upgrade. Upgrading from Ubuntu 13.10 saucy salamander to 14.04 trusty tahr is quite easy and simple to accomplish but would require a lot of patients. I have outlined below best and recommended approach to achieving this:

Note: Before performing any upgrade, it is advisable to backup your documents as you may run into upgrade issues with problematic applications and previous updates which may cause cause issues.

Step 1: Update System

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Note: After upgrade is finished, reboot the machine

Step 2: Run Upgrade

sudo update-manager -d

– After few seconds, Software Updater will appear. Ensure that there are no outstanding updates reported. You should get the option to Upgrade to 14.04 if detected. Click Upgrade…


– On the Welcome screen, click on Upgrade


– You will notified of disabled third party sources (if any). Click Close to continue


– You will be notified of number of packages to be removed, number to be installed and upgraded. Click Start Upgrade


Note: During the upgrade, you may be prompted to enter root password to install/upgrade some packages

– This stage will take some time depending on your internet bandwidth


– Click Restart Now after upgrade is completed


Ubuntu 14.04 Login Screen


Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop Screen



The upgrade initially failed with following error “Could not calculate the upgrade”. After further troubleshooting and based on the last information logged in “/var/log/dist-upgrade/apt.log“, I ran the following command to remove the unmet dependency before the upgrade could complete:

sudo apt-get remove libaccount-plugin-google


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