Install FlareGet 2.4.27 in Ubuntu

FlareGet is one of the best GUI-based open source multi-threaded, multi-segment popular download managers and accelerators on Linux at this time.  The latest version available 2.4.27, comes with a new review option for watching videos while downloading, a better graphical interface and several bugfixes.


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As it appears, the version 2.4-27 download files had been replaced with the latest version 3.1-36.

Features in 3.1-36:

  • much improved multi-threaded core engine
  • added support for post download requests
  • added support for Google Drive, Dropbox and other similar sites
  • much improved browser integration
  • added filetype ignore list support in browser integration
  • much improved Youtube Grabber, now built-in
  • dropped pcap, winpcap dependency
  • fixed GUI distortion caused by changing language
  • lot of other minor bug fixes and improvements


Install Steps

Note below in the wget command, you need to replace the ****** with the latest version number. For instance if the latest version is 1.1-20, then the command will be ‘flareget_1.1-20_i386

32bit OS

$ wget -c "'********'_i386(stable)_deb.tar.gz"

$ tar -xzvf "flareget_*******_i386\(stable\)_deb.tar.gz

$ cd flareget_*******_i386\(stable\)_deb

$ sudo dpkg -i flareget_*******_i386.deb

64bit OS

$ wget -c "'*******'_amd64(stable)_deb.tar.gz"

$ tar -xzvf "flareget_*******_amd64\(stable\)_deb.tar.gz

$ cd flareget_*******_amd64\(stable\)_deb

$ sudo dpkg -i flareget_*******_amd64.deb


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