Install/Upgrade Linux Kernel 3.14 Trusty in Ubuntu

Linux Kernel version 3.14 was released on Sun, 30 March 2014. This release comes with lots of changes and fixes which includes the deadline task scheduling policy for real-time tasks, a memory compression mechanism is now considered stable, a port of the locking validator to userspace, ability to store properties such as compression for each inode in Btrfs… etc. Click button below for full details of this release:

 [button link=”″ style=”tick” color=”primary” class=”sys_btn”]Linux 3.14[/button]

Canonical does not recommend updating your Linux kernel to other versions other than the ones provided on official channels. This is not a totally safe procedure and you might have problems afterwards, even system failures or applications not working properly. On the other hand, you might get better performance from your system.

Step 1: Download Kernel Debs

32bit OS

$ cd /tmp && wget

$ cd /tmp && wget

$ cd /tmp && wget


64bit OS

$ cd /tmp && wget

$ cd /tmp && wget

$ cd /tmp && wget

Step 2: Install Downloaded Packages

$ sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-3.14*.deb linux-image-3.14*.deb

Step 3: Reboot System

$ sudo reboot

Step 4: Check Kernel Version

$ uname -r


Uninstall Kernel Version

$ sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.14*
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