Create a Chrome App for your Website

I recently created a Google Chrome for this website so I have presence in the Chrome store hence making the website more known to the wider audience. In this post, I will be showing us how to make a Google Chrome APP for your website the step-by-step instruction below.

Step 1: Verify Website

– You need to first verify the website in Google Webmaster Tool in order to link to it in a Chrome web app. Click link below, sign into Google; Add your site address and following the verify prompts

[button link=”” style=”info” color=”primary” class=”sys_btn”]Google Webmaster Tools[/button]


Step 2: Build your App

– Create a folder on your machine and name it as your App name. Open a text editor ( I am using Notepad++), copy and paste the following code into the text file. Change the URL address to yours, enter brief description of your App and name. Save the file as manifest.json in your newly created folder

[code lang=”js”]


“manifest_version”: 2,

“name”: “Sysadmin Blog App”,

“short_name”: “Max of 12 characters”,

“description”: “Your website description in 132 characters or less.”,

“version”: “1.1”,

“icons”: {

“128”: “icon.png”


“app”: {

“urls”: ["


“launch”: {

“web_url”: “"



“permissions”: [






– Create a 128px by 128px logo for your app. Name the file as icon.png and put it in the same folder as the manifest.json file


– Zip the folder which contained the two files using a zip application. 7-zip should do the trick


Step 3: Publish App

– Click link below to access Chrome Dashboard

[button link=”” size=”small” style=”tick” color=”info”]Chrome Dashboard[/button]

– Click “Choose file” and select your zip file. Then click Upload


Enter Detailed description of App, Upload Icon, Screenshot image, Select Category, Language. Note: There is an optional one-time registration fee of $5 to activate your developer account. This is optional if you are developing a Chrome app /extension for your local Chrome installation and do not wish to publish the app in the Chrome web store

Preview your changes and Publish


Now your Chrome App should be available to the public for bookmarking 🙂

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