Create a bootable Ubuntu installer USB Drive

Installing Ubuntu on a desktop machine is quite easy and simple to follow. You can create the bootable USB drive installer either via a Windows Machine or from an Ubuntu machine. This posts will cover the two methods.


Step 1: Download Universal USB Installer

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Step 2: Create Ubuntu USB Installer

First ensure that you have inserted at least a 2GB USB drive on your machine. Note that everything on the USB drive will be formatted.

– Run the downloaded installer and accept Agreement


– Select your desired linux distribution; click the browse button and select your ISO file; check the option “Show all Drives(USE WITH CAUTION)“, this will allow you to select your usb drive and also check the option “Format :\Drive(Erase Content)“. Click on Create


– Click “Yes” on the pop-up message to begin setup


– After extraction is completed, click close. Ensure you safely eject your USB drive


Now start-up your desktop machine with your USB and install Ubuntu


Follow the steps already documented in Ubuntu website on how to use “startup disk creator” to create a bootable USB stick

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