Install Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Alpha 2 on VirtualBox

The alpha 2 release for Ubuntu 14.04 is now available for download and testing. Note that this release does not come with the Unity DE. The other versions currently available in this family are GNOME, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, Kylin, and Ubuntu Cloud Image.

Step 1: Download Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) Alpha 2

[button link=”” style=”download” color=”primary” class=”sys_btn”]PC (Intel x86) desktop image[/button]

[button link=”” style=”download” color=”primary” class=”sys_btn”]64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop image[/button]

Step 2: Install Ubuntu 14.0

I would assume that you are already familiar with the creation of a New virtual machine and choosing the right disk & memory sizes respectively

– Start-up the virtual machine, select the ISO file downloaded and click Start


– Select Welcome language and click on Install Ubuntu GNOME


– Ensure all 3 checks passes, check “Download updates while installing” and click Continue


– Leave default “Erase disk and install Ubuntu GNOME” and click Install Now


– Follow the on-screen options and select the your Location; Keyboard Layout. Then enter new login details as shown below


– Click Restart Now on completion. Note: Press Enter for the ISO file to be unmounted and system will continue start-up


– Click on the username, enter password and Sign In


Step 3: Install latest updates

– Click on Activities > Show Applications, and click on Details


Strangely, the details page is showing Ubuntu 13.10 :(, when you click on Install Updates, the Software Updater indicates you are running v14.04 :). Just to be sure, I ran the following command from the terminal and the result shows you are running Ubuntu 14.04 :). Clearly there is still some work to be done before the final release:

[code lang=”js”]lsb_release -a[/code]

– Click Install Now to install the updates available


Step 4: Install VirtualBox Guest Additions

When installing the vBox Guest Additions 4.3.6, you will notice the following error message:

[code lang=”js”]Installing the Window System drivers Warning: unknown version of the X Window System installed. Not installing X Window System drivers[/code]

The test version of VBox Guest Additions 3.4.7 appears to fix this problem. To install, follow this steps:

– Download VBox Guest Additions 4.3.7

[button link=”” style=”download” color=”primary”]VBoxGuestAdditions 4.3.7-92075 ISO[/button]

Install from GUI

– On the VM VirtualBox screen, click Devices > CD/DVD Devices > Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file. Select the downloaded VBoxGuestAdditions ISO file. Click “Run” on the pop-up box to install the Guest Additions and restart machine on completion



Install from Terminal

– If you do not get a prompt, run the following commands

[code lang=”js”]apt-get install dkms[/code]

[code lang=”js”]cd /media//VBOXADDITIONS_4.3.7_92080/[/code]

[code lang=”js”]sudo ./[/code]

Full Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Alpha 2 Desktop


Note: Ubuntu 14.04 is still in Alpha phase, so you may experience some undesirable issues or errors 🙁

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