Upgrade Ubuntu Gnome 13.10 to 14.04 using VirtualBox

This article will cover the process of upgrading your Ubuntu 13.10 aka Saucy to Ubuntu 14.04 aka Trusty Tahr. Currently Ubuntu 14.04 final release won’t be available until April 2014Note: This will be an in-place upgrade meaning your existing files and apps will be retained after the upgrade but you are advised to backup your documents just in-case you run into an unexpected issue(s).

Step 1: Prereq Checks

– Ensure that there are no outstanding updates by checking on System Settings > Details and ensure you have “System Up-To-Date” showing


– Disable any 3rd party PPA already installed via Ubuntu Software Centre > Edit > Software Sources > Other Software and ensure all 3rd party PPA’s are not checked


– Click on “Additional Drivers” and disable all 3rd party drivers


Step 2: Check Ubuntu Version

– Run following command in terminal console to ensure that you are upgrading Ubuntu 13.10 and not any other version

$ lsb_release -a


Step 3: Start Upgrade

– Run following command in terminal console

$ sudo do-release-upgrade -d


– Type “y” to continue the upgrade. This might take some time to complete 🙂


– During the upgrade, you may get the following prompt more than once “Configuring lib6“. Use arrow key down to select OK and press Enter to continue


– Type “y” to remove obsolete packages and press Enter to continue


– To complete the upgrade, type “y” and press Enter to restart the system


– After the system reboots, login and run the following command to check the release. As seen, we have successfully upgraded Ubuntu 13.10 to 14.04 🙂

$ lsb_release -a


Step 4: Install VirtualBox Guest Additions

After the reboot, you will notice that the screen isn’t re-sizing anymore. It appears the latest version of Xorg breaks the current version of virtualbox graphics driver. To workaround this:

– Run the following command to install guest additions

$ sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-additions-iso


– Open Ubuntu Software Centre > Edit > Software Sources > Additional Drivers tab, enable VirtualBox Guest Service driver. Apply changes and reboot. Your screen should be back to the normal size and you can re-size it as desired. There is a test build of the VBox Guest Additions (v4.3.7) which appears to fix this issue also, in-case the above method does not work for you.

See ticket to download the VBox Guest Additions 4.3.7 and test it


The latest version of Oracle VM Manager comes with the above fixes


As seen below, I have my Media Player 10 which was installed on Ubuntu 13.10 still working after the upgrade :). Please note that this upgrade is simply for test purpose, so you may run into undesirable behaviors. Do not attempt this on a production system


Please share your upgrade experience 🙂

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