Install Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 on VirtualBox

Ubuntu GNOME which was formerly known as Ubuntu GNOME Remix is part of the Ubuntu flavor, featuring the GNOME Desktop Environment experience. The idea behind this is, its intended for users to mostly have the GNOME desktop experience feel. Integrating Gnome desktop environment into Ubuntu to some maybe a good and fantastic idea but others may be a bad idea. This is now down to individual experience and desire. Below is simple step by step on how to install Ubuntu Gnome 13.10 on VirtualBox for those that want to try it out.

Step 1: Download ISO file

Download Ubuntu GNOME 13.10. Choose either x86 (32bit) or AMD64 (64bit). Note: as at the time of trying this out, the 64bit version had some bugs during login. So would recommend you download the 32bit which is currently stable

Step 2: Install Ubuntu GNOME

I would assume that you are already familiar with the creation of a New virtual machine and choosing the right disk & memory sizes respectively

– Start-up the virtual machine, select the ISO file downloaded and click Start


– Select language and click on Install Ubuntu GNOME


– Ensure checks passes, check “Download updates while installing” and click Continue


– Leave default “Erase disk and install Ubuntu GNOME” and click Install Now


– Choose location and click Continue


– Choose desired keyboard


– Enter details as shown and continue


– Click Restart Now on completion


Note: Press Enter for the ISO file to be unmounted and system will continue start-up

– Now click on the username, enter password, click Session and select either GNOME or GNOME classic and login


Step 3: Install latest updates

– Click on Applications > System Settings > Details


– Click on Install updates. Follow install prompt, enter root password and continue update


Please feel free to share your install experience 🙂

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