Install WordPress on Godaddy Subdomain

For some of us that host our websites with Godaddy, its always best practice to create a subdomain of your main site for development work. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how I have gone about this.

Step 1: Create Subdomain

– Log into your Account


– Click the plus (+) sign for WEB HOSTING to expand it. Then click on Launch


– Next click on Hosted Domains


– Under the domain you want to create a subdomain if you have more than one domain, click either Manage or Add under Subdomains column. If you already have a subdomain created, then the option would be Manage but if not then it would be Add


– Next click on Add Subdomain


– Enter name of subdomain, select under Folder “Same as Subdomain” if you want the application to automatically create the subdomain folder using the subdomain name or “Create or select a folder” if you want to manually create the folder yourself with a different name. For the purpose of simplicity, I will go with option one. Click OK


– Wait until the new subdomain status shows “Setup”. This might take about 2mins


Step 2: Install WordPress

– Click back on Hosting tab at the top, under options & settings, click on WordPress


– Select the newly created subdomain from the drop-down. Enter a username, password and a valid email address. Click OK


– When installation is completed, you will receive an email notification on the email address specified or to view real-time, click on Applications


– Wait until the “Login In” button appears indicating WordPress is installed


– Click on “Login In“. This will open up a tab/page and present you will the login page. Enter the login details earlier created and you should now have your subdomain WordPress admin page


Please feel free to share your install experience 🙂

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