Install latest Firefox on CentOS 6.5

This guide will show you how to install the latest update of Firefox on CentOS 6.5 using Remi and EPEL repositories respectively. As at the writing of this post, the latest update of Firefox was 26 and this version hasn’t been added to the default repos.

Step 1: Check repos for latest Firefox update

– Run the following command to confirm the current update in the repos

[code language=”js”]# yum list firefox[/code]


As seen, the current package version available for install is 24 but what we want is 26. So its always good to check what version is available in the repos.

Step 2: Install Remi and EPEL Repositories

– From your CentOS terminal screen, first switch user to “root” using “su –” command. Then run the following commands

Install EPEL repository

[code language=”js”]# wget Uvh

# rpm -Uvh epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm[/code]


Install Remi repository

[code language=”js”]# wget

# rpm -Uvh remi-release-6.rpm[/code]


Step 3: Check current update of Firefox in Remi repos

[code language=”js”]# yum –enablerepo=remi list firefox[/code]


As seen, we have update 26 listed in Remi’s repository

Step 4: Install or Update Firefox to 26

– Run following command to install Firefox 26 or update existing version to Firefox 26

To install:

[code language=”js”]# yum –enablerepo=remi install firefox[/code]

To update:

[code language=”js”]# yum –enablerepo=remi update firefox[/code]


Step 5: Start Firefox 26

– Run the following command

[code language=”js”]# firefox[/code]


Share your install experience 🙂

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