Set KDE as CentOS 6.5 default desktop

When you have more than one desktop environment including Gnome installed on CentOS, its default desktop session is set to Gnome. If you desire to have the machine boot into another desktop other than Gnome, for instance KDE, then follow this simple steps outlined below to achieve this


– Log into CentOS using root account. Run following command to create the desktop file

[code language=”js”]# vi /etc/sysconfig/desktop[/code]

РEnter the following lines shown below. Save changes, exit from the  file and reboot the machine

[code language=”js”]DESKTOP=“KDE”



– After reboot, the machine will now boot into the KDE desktop screen rather than Gnome screen


– You could also log into Gnome desktop from the KDE login screen by clicking on Session type and selecting GNOME



If your default login screen is Gnome and you want to log into the KDE desktop without setting it as default, what you simply need to do is enter your username, this will auto display the language and desktop session options at the bottom of the screen. Select the desired desktop session and login


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