KDE Platform 4.10 Opens Up More APIs to Qt Quick

The release of the KDE Development Platform 4.10 sees more work on a comprehensive SDK for Plasma. Previously separate and distinct components, such as plasmoidviewer, plasamengineexplorer and plasmawallpaperviewer, are now part of PlasMate, the toolset for developing Plasma widgets. KDE software, including all its libraries and its applications, is available for free under Open Source licenses. KDE software runs on various hardware configurations and CPU architectures such as ARM and x86, operating systems and works with any kind of window manager or desktop environment. Besides Linux and other UNIX based operating systems you can find Microsoft Windows versions of most KDE applications on the KDE software on Windows site and Apple Mac OS X versions on the KDE software on Mac site.


Qt Quick Support

The use of Qt Quick within Plasma continues to expand. Many components have been updated to use Qt Quick exclusively for the user interface; this also makes it easy to extend and customize Plasma Workspaces. Plasma now also allows Containments (which are responsible for presenting widgets on the desktop and in panels) to be written using only Qt Quick’s easy-to-learn language. This gives developers the ability to produce custom Containments for experimentation or special use cases. With this capability, Plasma is a valuable, universal user interface toolkit.

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