Add SMTP monitors on zabbix

As part of my series of setting up monitors on zabbix, I will share some of the counters I have configured on my zabbix server to monitor the SMTP servers. As I had earlier shown in previous post the importance of creating Templates to group items per servers or functions, I will only show screenshots of some SMTP counters.

1. First create a template for SMTP Servers

2. Create Application to capture the KPI’s to monitor

3. Items: There are loads of counters you can gather information on based your your needs and desire

SMTP Port 25 Check:  Checks if server is still listening on port 25

SMTP Port 25 Trigger: This will send an alert to screen or sms or email when the server isn’t listerning on Port25 meaning the SMTP server isn’t able to process email messages

SMTP Remote Queue Length: The number of messages in the remote queue which indicates the number of messages in the SMTP Queue folder for remote delivery

Key: perf_counter[\SMTP Server(SMTP 1)\Remote Queue Length]

SMTP Remote Queue Length Trigger: This sends an alert to screen indicating number of mails in Queue folder has exceeded the set value. I set the trigger to greater-than 5 (> 5)


– Below is the trigger received when I drop a sample BAD email into the pickup folder more than 5 times


SMTP Directory Drops Total: The total number of messages placed in the drop directory

Key: perf_counter[\SMTP Server(SMTP 1)\Directory Drops Total]

– After adding all the required counters and triggers → click on Monitoring Tab/Latest data → select server from drop-down at top right corner → expand the Application name (SMTP) → you should see all the newly created SMTP counters (items)

– Click on each graph and review the reports

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