Add monitor for mission critical application service in Zabbix

If you are running a service based mission critical applications on a Windows server and you would like to be notified immediately when the application service(s) goes down, then this post is for you and with the assumption that you are using Zabbix as your monitoring tool.

This post will focus on:

– Adding a monitor for the desired service in zabbix

– Setup a trigger to notify you when the service goes down. Note this will only display an alert on screen for now and I will in later post setup an exchange server to demonstrate notification via email

1. Add service monitor: I will monitor the ‘Active Directory Domain Service

– First determine the service name by opening the ‘services.msc’ panel → double-click on the service → write down the service name as seen


– In zabbix create a new item in appropriate template and assign to either an existing application or enter a new application name


2. Setup a trigger for the service: The following values indicate the status of the service

State of service: running, 1paused, 2start pending, 3pause pending, 4continue pending, 5stop pending, 6stopped, 7unknown, 255no such service


3. Results:

– Alert displayed when I stop the ‘Active Directory Domain Service‘ service


– Graph showing the outage


In next post as part of my series on use of zabbix for monitoring, I will take i to the next level by showing us how to get the zabbix agent to restart services when they are in a STOP state

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