How to find Perfmon counter key values for Zabbix

This post is simply to show us how to find a Perfmon counter key value for use when adding a Perfmon counter in Zabbix.

– On your Windows server, click Start > Administrative Tools > Performance Monitor


– Right-click on Performance Monitor > Click on Properties


– Under the properties screen, click on Data tab. As seen the default counter is ‘Processor Time in percentage

– The Key value for zabbix would be in this format: perf_counter[\Processor Information(_Total)\% Processor Time]

I have also added a few more:

– DNS Caching Memory: perf_counter[“\DNS\Caching Memory”]
– Current Disk Queue Length for my E: drive: perf_counter[“\PhysicalDisk(1 E:)\Current Disk Queue Length”]


Please note the following:

– This values are case sensitive
– Add spaces where there is space and remove space where there isn’t one
– All perfmon counter would always start with ‘perf_counter[]‘ except for other monitors like Service State, Ping, System Uptime, Folder Queues etc which I will document in a different post

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