Installing FreeNAS v8.3.1 on VirtualBox 4.2.12

Hi all, this post will cover the installing of FreeNAS on VirtualBox. This will serve as the backbone for upcoming clustering posts. To be begin, you need the following:


– Download the latest FreeNAS here

– Download and install VirtualBox


– Launch VirtualBox and click on New button

– Under Create Virtual Machine, enter name of server, select BSD as type and select appropriate version of FreeNAS downloaded (x86 or x64)

– Allocate at least 512mb of memory to this VM

–  Create a new virtual hard drive

– Select drive type but will recommend you stick to VDI format

– Select either Dynamic or Fixed disk

– Allocate at least 4GB of space for the hard disk and choose location you want the disk created

– Select the newly created VM and click on Settings. Now click on the Empty CD icon, then click the CD icon at top right and select Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file… from the drop-down

– Locate the downloaded FreeNAS iso file and attach it

– On the Network tab, select your desired options and click OK to save the changes

–  Start the VM, allow the count-down and wait for the setup files to load. Select option 1 (Install/Upgrade) using keyboard and press Enter

– Select the disk to install the OS on

– Select Yes on warning screen

– After installation is completed, press Enter and select option 4 to shutdown the VM

– After shutdown go back to Settings >Storage, select the FreeNAS iso, click on the CD icon and click on Remove disk from virtual machine

– Lets add a new hard disk for our SAN storage. Select ‘Controller: IDE‘ while on the settings screen, click the plus icon at the bottom and click Add Hard Disk

– Follow the same steps outlined above to create the additional disk. As seen I have named my second disk as SAN01

– Start-up the VM and wait for the boot-up configuration to complete. You should see the screen below with the assigned IP from the DHCP server

– Log onto a windows machine on the network and browse the FreeNAS VM IP Address (http://). You will notice a flashing Red Alert at the top right corner, click on it to display the message which is a warning message to change the password. To do that, click on Accounts > Change Password, enter your new password and save


In my next post, I will show us how to configure the additional storage added and setup FreeNAS for iSCSI connection.

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