Setup a Windows Server 2012 VPN

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I will be showing us how to install and configure a Windows Server 2012 VPN connection. This post would focus on simple basic setup for a test environment with a single NIC on the Internal network behind a firewall.


– Start the Server Manager

Windows DHCP Server

– Click Add Roles and Features from the Manage Menu

Windows DHCP Server

– On Add Roles and Features wizard begins and click Next

Windows DHCP Server

– Select the Role-based or feature-based installation option and click Next

Windows DHCP Server

– If you have more than one server managed via the server manager console, then select the desired server you’d like to install Routing and Remote Access on

Windows DHCP Server

– From the Roles lists select Remote Access, click Add Features on the popup window

Remote Access VPN

– Click Next

Remote Access VPN

– No additional features required at this point, click Next

Remote Access VPN

– Have a quick read on what DirectAccess & RRAS VPN is, then click Next

Remote Access VPN

– Select DirectAccess and VPN (RAS), click Next

Remote Access VPN

– Click Next after reading this if you care 🙂

Remote Access VPN

– Accept default selections and click Next

Remote Access VPN

– Review the confirmation page and click Install to begin

Remote Access VPN

– When installation is completed, click Close

Remote Access VPN

Go to Page2: Post deployment and configuration

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  • collin

    Very helpful and straight forward

    • admin


  • I have to srtup a VPN in a server (win 2012) that´s behind a router, making this server to have a internal ip, and the router a static ip, I have to use NAT or routing ?

  • marc

    thank’s a lot guys !!!

    very helpful tutorial

    keep up the good work .

    • Sysadmin

      Thanks marc for your kind comment 🙂

  • IvanIvanov1

    Don’t work.
    I have various errors for various protocols.
    ILEv2: Error 87
    PPTP: Error 720
    L2TP: Error 789
    SSTP: 0x80072746

  • sysads

    Hi IvanIvanov1, can you be more specific on where you are getting this errors from? Thanks

  • outlaw1846

    The firewall protocols are already pre built and should just need to be enabled.

    Routing and Remote Access (GRE-in)
    Routing and Remote Access (L2TP-in)

    Routing and Remote Access (PPTP-in)

    Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP-in)

    for good measure i also activated the outbound rules

    Routing and Remote Access (GRE-out)

    Routing and Remote Access (L2TP-out)

    Routing and Remote Access (PPTP-out)

  • Hi, I was able to create VPN Server on Windows 2012 server exactly as described. I am able to even connect but here is the main issue
    My server is behind firewall using IP so that is my internal IP for the VPN server. apart from File share and other resources that it is running. I have opened up my Cisco Girewall with all the ports described above. Users do get authenticated and VPN Establishes properly. They can map to server for file shares they can do RDP on that server all OK. But then I have 2-3 different web server with IPs Port 5555 , port 8088, port 80 and so on. VPN users can not open up any of the wbe pages on these web servers. They can ping all of those IPS but can not open Java applications running on these servers and or simple web page on port 80 

    Can someone guide me what is going on. I do see on VPN USers screen that when they attach they get an IP which is from the POOL assigned and their subnet MAsk of but they do not get any Gateway assigned 

    This is what I see but can not resolve the issue Please help

  • sunsiz

    Thanks! its really helpful.
    But at the end, i get a problem. the client can connect the vpn server with pptp, but no internet access. if i check this command: tracert the first line is client ip address assigned by vpn server and other lines all is request timed out.
    I also look up the ipconfig command result and the default gateway is, the dns server is at the server side in the Routing and Remote Access configuration i cannot find the gateway or dns configuration. what should i do to solve this?
    any help will be appreciated!

  • Kaisar Abddullah

    when it was the last steps (page1), prompting the restart, if so or fault of my VPS?

  • Kaisar Abddullah

    please give the full tutorial ( with pictures ) for the last steps

    • Sorry, it almost 2 years since I looked at this post. Lots would have changed overtime with updates. What last steps are you referring to so I could guide you to a good resource

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  • Helpful and knowledgeable tutorial.