Installing Windows 8 from scratch

In this post, I will not bore us with the concept and history behind Windows 8 but like some of us who are like me :), I just want to go straight into the installation of Windows 8… “Brilliant :)”.

Setup Guide:

– Insert your Windows 8 installation disc and boot the computer. Note: If you do not have a Windows 8 installation disc, then click here for steps on how to create a bootable Windows 8 usb.

– Power on your computer.

  • For physical machine press F12 for boot menu and select the appropriate CD option or usb as the case may be.
  • For Virtual Machine, do not press any key has the system would automatically load the OS

– Wait for the operating system files to be loaded. Then select your preferred Language, Time Zone and Keyboard layout. Click Next

– On next screen, click Install

– Enter product key to activate Windows and click Next

– Accept the license terms and click Next

– On installation type, select Custom install

– Select the appropriate volume to install the OS if you have more than one partition, click Next

Note: If you planned to divide the partition into two, then click “Drive Options” -> click “New” button -> specify the size of the partition and click “Apply”, then click “OK.”

– Wait for the setup to copy all required files and installation will begin

– After installation is completed and system is rebooted, then you will be presented with the Personalize screen. In here type in the computer name and click Next

– On Settings screen, select either Express settings or Customize. I’ll select Express settings

– Select “Yes, turn on sharing and connect to devices

– Accept default settings and click Next. This settings can be changed after installation is completed.

– Change as required or leave default and click Next

– Change as required or leave default and click Next

– Enter your Hotmail account if you want to sign into the system with it or click “Don’t want to sign in with a Microsoft account“, click Next

– If you choose to sign-in with your Hotmail account but are not connected to the internet, the login will fail and will be presented with the screen to create a local account. Enter the Local account details and click Finish

– Wait for the setup to finalize the settings

– After your settings had been finalized, you will be presented with your brand new Windows 8.

Isn’t this awesome 🙂

– Now we need to connect to the internet if you are not using DHCP. So at the bottom right-hand corner near the time, click on the network icon with a warning sign, then click Open Network and Sharing Center

– Right-click on the Ethernet Connect and click Properties

– Navigate to IPv4 properties and enter a new IP address, Subnet, Gateway and Preferred DNS Server

– A pop-up should appear, select as required and you should be on the NET

Any questions please feel free to ask

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