Transfer FSMO roles from Windows Server 2008 R2 DC to Windows Server 2012 DC

In an earlier post, we looked at introducing a Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller in an existing Windows Server 2008R2 domain. Next action is moving the FSMO roles off the Windows Server 2008R2 DC to Windows Server 2012 Dc in preparation of decommissioning the Windows Server 2008R2 DC which will be dealt with in later post. You can either transfer the roles via the GUI or Command prompt using ntdsutil but for the purpose of this post, I will be using the GUI for better understanding.

Setup NTP Time Server in a Domain Environment

When setting up your domain environment, you need to ensure that your domain computers are getting up to date time synchronization to avoid issues. In this posts, I will be showing you how to setup an NTP time server in a Windows 2008 R2 domain environment using the server that holds the FSMO roles with domain computers. Time Synchronization Flow: Domain Computer NT5DS—Domain Controller (PDC)NTP/123(UDP)—FirewallExternal NTP Server Setup Guide: 1. Configure DC (PDC) to sync with external source – Log onto the Domain Controller that holds the PDC role - click on Start\Run - Type regedit - click Ok – Locate each of the following registry keys and set the values as follows (Note: when changing the value select Decimal): [table id=15 /] – Run the command ‘Net Stop W32Time and Net Start W32Time’ Note: It may take sometime for the PDC emulator to sync with the NTP server.