Linux Kernel Update

Linux Kernel 3.17-rc7 update released

Linus Torvalds has just recently announced the release of Linux Kernel 3.17-rc7 which comes with a number of bug fixes and improvements. This latest release cuts across the network TCP/IP stack and memory leaks, including media fixes. All users of the Linux Kernel 3.17 series are advised to upgrade to this latest release. Some of Kernel 3.17-rc7 updates drivers: net: ethernet: octeon_mgmt: fix a compiler warning ACPI / video: disable native backlight for ThinkPad X201s drm/radeon: add a module parameter for backlight control (v2) drm/radeon: add a backlight quirk for Amilo Xi 2550 net: fix creation adjacent device symlinks [media] videobuf2-dma-sg: fix for wrong GFP mask to sg_alloc_table_from_pages [media] videobuf2-core: add comments before the WARN_ON [media] videobuf2-core.

Linux Kernel 3.16.1 Released

Greg KH has just announced the release of Linux Kernel 3.16.1, the first adjustment kernel release for version 3.16 series. This Linux Kernel version is primarily focused on bigfixes on the TCP/IP drivers. As announced by Greg KH email, all users of the 3.16 kernel series must upgrade Linux Kernel 3.16.1 Update tcp: Fix integer-overflows in TCP veno tcp: Fix integer-overflow in TCP vegas bbc-i2c: Fix BBC I2C envctrl on SunBlade 2000 sunsab: Fix detection of BREAK on sunsab serial console sparc64: Guard against flushing openfirmware mappings ip_tunnel(ipv4): fix tunnels with “local any remote $remote_ip” sctp: fix possible seqlock seadlock in sctp_packet_transmit() Revert “net: phy: Set the driver when registering an MDIO bus device” bna: fix performance regression sparc64: ldc_connect() should not return EINVAL when handshake is in progress batman-adv: Fix out-of-order fragmentation support macvlan: Initialize vlan_features to turn on offload support Install Linux Kernel 3.