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Update: Linux Kernel 3.14.18 LTS Released

Linux Kernel 3.14.18 LTS has been released as announced by Greg KH and this release comes with ton of updates, bugfixes and improvements including support for Xonar Essence STX II card. Some of the changes in the release are listed below: ARM: dts: AM4372: Correct mailbox node data ALSA: hda – fix an external mic jack problem on a HP machine ALSA: hda/realtek – Avoid setting wrong COEF on ALC269 & co ALSA: hda – restore the gpio led after resume ALSA: hda – Add mute LED pin quirk for HP 15 touchsmart ALSA: virtuoso: add Xonar Essence STX II support USB: ehci-pci: USB host controller support for Intel Quark X1000 USB: Fix persist resume of some SS USB devices USB: fix build error with CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME disabled usb: xhci: amd chipset also needs short TX quirk x86/efi: Enforce CONFIG_RELOCATABLE for EFI boot stub ACPI / PCI: Fix sysfs acpi_index and label errors drm/radeon: add new bonaire pci ids drm/radeon: add new KV pci id Revert “KVM: x86: Increase the number of fixed MTRR regs to 10” Fixes: ‘serial console does not wake from S3’ and many more