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SFLPhone 1.4.1 released

SFLPhone 1.4.1 recently released, is an open-source, KDE telephony client with support for multiple calls, multiple conferences, multiple accounts, text messages, background mode, record and playback, filter and search options and Akonadi integration, among others. The latest version available is SLPhone 1.4.1, which has been released a while ago, coming with the below changes: Jack support Video support by default Ability to share screen Ability to stream videos, images and text files Support GnuTLS as an alternative to OpenSSL Persistent camera configuration (per device) Switch video sources during a call Enable or disable video per account Packet loss concealment RTCP support Builds with clang Now a fully featured contact manager Add, edit and manage contact sources Delete contacts from the interface Attach contact sources to auto completion or presence tracker Basic video effects like rotate or enforce aspect ratio Video full screen mode Install SFLPhone 1.