Install Countly

Install Countly Mobile Analytics on Ubuntu 14.04

Countly is world’s next generation, and leading open source mobile analytics platform tracking 500M+ unique identities. It provides insights about user actions inside your mobile application and helps improve your product. Countly comes in both enterprise and community editions. Countly Key Features Real Time – Countly was designed so that all reports and charts are shown in real-time update Top User Experience – Countly dashboard shows you all important metrics at once in an elegant way Mobile First – Countly mobile application is designed so that you don’t want to miss any valuable insights about your apps, whether you are in a meeting, on the road or just away from your desk Rich SDK – Supports world’s leading smartphones – Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry Extensive API – Countly provides access to configuration data and user interface through its API (Write API & Read API) User management – Countly provides a way to manage different types of users (e.