How to Install Mailnag

Install Mailnag 1.0 on Ubuntu 14.04

Mailnag is an extended mail notification daemon program that checks POP3 and IMAP servers for new mails. On mail arrival it performs various actions provided by plugins. Mailnag comes with a set of desktop-independent default plugins for visual/sound notifications, script execution etc. and can be extended with additional plugins easily. Mailnag 1.0 update Mailnag is desktop-independent now (was GNOME3-only) Added plugin system to allow easy extensibility Cut down the core daemon functionality to mail checking only and moved everything else to plugins Released GNOME 3/Ubuntu Unity extension/plugin for a tighter desktop integration Added account assistants for popular email providers like Gmail Added DBUS service (for remote control/integration in other apps) Redesigned and simplified config UI Added propper logging (log messages are sent to stdout and the system log now) Heavy code cleanup & refactoring Reduced disk write access, other performance improvements Fixes for various major and minor bugs New icon by Reda Lazri Install Mailnag 1.