How to Install Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel 3.17.1 / 3.16.6 released

The following Linux Kernel versions had been released recently – Linux Kernel 3.17.1 & Linux Kernel 3.16.6. Both releases comes with a number of bug fixes and improvements. Some of the notable changes includes added support for Seluxit USB dongle, added Ketra N1 wireless interface support, added device quirk for ASUS T100 Base Station keyboard. Linux Kernel 3.17.1 & Linux Kernel 3.16.6 updates kill OTG timer on suspend reset network header before passing to taps – netlinks avoid race condition in scheduling delayed work crypto: caam – fix addressing of struct member hyperv: Fix a bug in netvsc_send() sctp: handle association restarts when the socket is closed openvswitch: fix panic with multiple vlan headers driver/base/node: remove unnecessary kfree of node struct from unregister_one_node ipv6: restore the behavior of ipv6_sock_ac_drop() PCI: pciehp: Fix wait time in timeout message Install Linux Kernel 3.

Update: Linux Kernel 3.14.18 LTS Released

Linux Kernel 3.14.18 LTS has been released as announced by Greg KH and this release comes with ton of updates, bugfixes and improvements including support for Xonar Essence STX II card. Some of the changes in the release are listed below: ARM: dts: AM4372: Correct mailbox node data ALSA: hda – fix an external mic jack problem on a HP machine ALSA: hda/realtek – Avoid setting wrong COEF on ALC269 & co ALSA: hda – restore the gpio led after resume ALSA: hda – Add mute LED pin quirk for HP 15 touchsmart ALSA: virtuoso: add Xonar Essence STX II support USB: ehci-pci: USB host controller support for Intel Quark X1000 USB: Fix persist resume of some SS USB devices USB: fix build error with CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME disabled usb: xhci: amd chipset also needs short TX quirk x86/efi: Enforce CONFIG_RELOCATABLE for EFI boot stub ACPI / PCI: Fix sysfs acpi_index and label errors drm/radeon: add new bonaire pci ids drm/radeon: add new KV pci id Revert “KVM: x86: Increase the number of fixed MTRR regs to 10” Fixes: ‘serial console does not wake from S3’ and many more

Linux Kernel 3.14.17 LTS Released

Linux Kernel 3.14.17 LTS has been released as announced by Greg KH and this release comes with a few Ethernet TCP/IP stack bug fixes and improvements on hardware components. The updates includes: net: sendmsg: fix NULL pointer dereference tcp: Fix integer-overflows in TCP veno tcp: Fix integer-overflow in TCP vegas bbc-i2c: Fix BBC I2C envctrl on SunBlade 2000 sunsab: Fix detection of BREAK on sunsab serial console net: sctp: inherit auth_capable on INIT collisions bnx2x: fix crash during TSO tunneling ip_tunnel(ipv4): fix tunnels with “local any remote $remote_ip” ip: make IP identifiers less predictable bna: fix performance regression batman-adv: Fix out-of-order fragmentation support xfrm: Fix installation of AH IPsec SAs macvlan: Initialize vlan_features to turn on offload support sparc64: Fix huge PMD invalidation.

Install Linux Kernel 3.15.7 on Ubuntu Trusty Tahr, Utopic

The seventh release Linux Kernel 3.15.7 in 3.15 series has just been announced by Greg KH and this release comes with a number of bug fixes and improvements similar to Linux Kernel 3.14.14 LTS. In addtition to what I had already documented in Linux Kernel 3.14.14 LTS release, there is also a deadlock in write_wakeup fix in SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol – allows you to use tcp/ip over a serial line), Revert stream assignment order for Intel controllers in ALSA HDA audio driver, including fix a broken PM due to incomplete i915 initialization.

Install Linux Kernel 3.14.14 LTS on Ubuntu 14.04

The release of Linux Kernel 3.14.14 LTS has just been announced by Greg KH and this release comes with a number of Ethernet TCP/IP stack bug fixes and improvements on hardware components. Noticeable update in this release includes a fix to potential memory leak in 8021q, fix buffer overflow in ip_options_compile in ipv4, fix handling of error from netlink_dump (Netlink is used to transfer information between kernel and user-space processes), check if USB port status is equal to RxDetect, fix ip_tunnel_lookup, Fix divide by zero when pushing during tcp-repair, in addition to bug fixes, support for two Sierra Wireless/Netgear devices have been added, including a new usb-id added for Genius i-Look 317.

Install Linux Kernel 3.12.25 on Ubuntu 14.04

Linux Kernel 3.12.25 LTS has been officially released. This latest release comes with a number of bug fixes and improvements one of which is enhanced temperatures check and support for the Corsair USB dongle, among other changes. As annonced by Jiri Slab, all users of the 3.12 kernel series must upgrade. Key Changes thermal: hwmon: Make the check for critical temp valid consistent vgaswitcheroo: switch the mux to the igp on power down when runpm is enabled drm/radeon: only apply hdmi bpc pll flags when encoder mode is hdmi drm/radeon: fix typo in radeon_connector_is_dp12_capable() drm/radeon/dp: fix lane/clock setup for dp 1.

Install Linux Kernel 3.14.13 LTS on Ubuntu 14.04

Time to install Linux Kernel 3.14.13 LTS which has just been released and this release comes with a number of bug fixes and improvements. As announced by Greg KH email, all users of the 3.14 kernel series must upgrade to this latest release. Some of Kernel 3.14.13 updates thermal: hwmon: Make the check for critical temp valid consistent PCI: Fix unaligned access in AF transaction pending test USB: cp210x: add support for Corsair usb dongle USB: ftdi_sio: Add extra PID.

Install Linux Kernel 3.15.6 on Ubuntu 14.04

Greg KH has just announced the release of Linux Kernel 3.15.6, the sixth adjustment kernel release for version 3.15 series. This Linux Kernel version comes with many bug fixes and improvements, most of which are bug fixes. As announced by Greg KH email, all users of the 3.15 kernel series must upgrade Some bug fixes ACPI / battery: Retry to get battery information if failed during probing x86, ioremap: Speed up check for RAM pages drivers/rtc/rtc-puv3.