How to Install Cutereport

Install CuteReport 1.0 on Ubuntu 14.04

CuteReport is a free report solution. It is based on Qt4 framework and can be easily integrated into any Qt application. It has powerful template designer with Form designer, Page editor, Dataset editor and other modules. It contains a large set of bands and items, such as line, rect, circle, image, barcode, charts. CuteReport key features plugin system for supporting and extending of any functionality different storages to keep report objects: file system, GIT (soon: SVN, database, FTP) different datasets for report data: SQL database, CSV files, file system information (soon: XML files) runtime forms are supported uses javascript as internal scripting language renderer implemented as plugin so any renderer backends can be used to any destination: printer, SVG, HTML, PDF standalone WYSIWYG designer with possibility to extend functionality via new plugins Designer plugins: ReportProperty editor, Page editor, Script editor, Dataset editor, Preview.