Transfer FSMO roles from Windows Server 2008 R2 DC to Windows Server 2012 DC

In an earlier post, we looked at introducing a Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller in an existing Windows Server 2008R2 domain. Next action is moving the FSMO roles off the Windows Server 2008R2 DC to Windows Server 2012 Dc in preparation of decommissioning the Windows Server 2008R2 DC which will be dealt with in later post. You can either transfer the roles via the GUI or Command prompt using ntdsutil but for the purpose of this post, I will be using the GUI for better understanding.

Active Directory Health Check

This post will simply focus on simple tasks we can perform to verify Active Directory Domain Services (AD┬áDS) installation. Successfully completing the requirements of each verification task will provide a strong indication of a healthy, operational domain controller. 1. Verify Server IP maps to a subnet: – Click on Start - Administrative Tools - Active Directory Sites and Services – Expand the Sites container, and then click the Subnets container.