Ffmpeg Frontend Gui

Install dmMediaConverter 0.9.9 – FFmpeg GUI on Ubuntu 14.04

dmMediaConverter is a crossplatform FFmpeg frontend (GUI) exposing some of its features. It is similar to other media converters like Handbrake, WinFF and MkvMergeGui. One feature was lacking from most of them, video stream copy (pass-through), which what makes dmMediaConverter stand-out. dmMediaConverter Main Features stream copy (video, audio, subtitle) stream conversion – almost any codec into: video – h264, h265, vp8, vp9 audio – aac, mp3, flac, pcm, vorbis, opus subtitles – srt, ass, ssa, mov_text, dvdsub add streams into one mkv file (with or without reencoding) merge files with the same properties – no reencoding.