Fedora 23 official version released with newest GNOME desktop

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The official version of Fedora 23 is now available for download and install. As earlier announced during the alpha release, Fedora 23 comes with a number of changes that will improve all of the editions. For example, Fedora 23 is making use of compiler flags to help improve security by “hardening” the binaries against memory corruption vulnerabilities, buffer overflows, and so on. This is a “behind the scenes” change that most users won’t notice through normal use of a Fedora edition, but should help provide additional system security.

fedora 23

  • Fedora Workstation – Fedora Workstation includes the newest release of the GNOME desktop, which makes your everyday computing simple, polished, and pleasant
  • Fedora Cloud – Now with Fedora 23, Fedora Atomic Host will be updated on a two-week cycle to keep at the edge of emerging technology
  • Fedora Server – Now in Fedora Server 23, you can manage Kubernetes clusters from the Cockpit Admin Console, or launch a FreeIPA domain controller from a kickstart file
  • Fedora 23 also introduces a Cinnamon spin, which provides a “traditional” desktop layout with the modern GNOME 3 shell
  • Fedora Workstation includes the GNOME 3.18 desktop environment and the Libre Office 5.0 office suite
  • Fedora 23 also has important under-the-hood security improvements, with increased hardening for all compiled software and with insecure SSL3 and RC4 protocols disabled.
  • Also updated all of the software installed by default in Fedora Cloud Base Image and Fedora Workstation to use Python version 3, and the Mono .NET compatible framework is now at version 4.
  • Unicode 8.0 support now enables the crucial U1F32D character




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