Install Calligra Office Suite 2.8.5 in Ubuntu 14.04

Calligra Office Suite is a free open source office suite solution for Linux/BSD-based operating systems. It is similar to the LibreOffice application and provides users with many attractive components for all of their office tasks.


Calligra includes efficient and capable office components:

  • Words for text processing.
  • Sheets for computations.
  • Stage for presentations.
  • Plan for planning.
  • Flow for flowcharts.
  • Kexi for database creation.

The latest release 2.8.5 is the last update to the 2.8 series of the Calligra Suite Bug Fixes

  • Properly remember previous search keywords in the Find Dialog
  • Fix crash for SELECT queries containing (invalid) “ORDER BY 0″ parameter
  • Properly sort names of newly added tables and queries in Form Designer’s data source drop-down list
  • Fix crash possible when accessing queries with duplicated table names. Example query “SELECT FROM t, t”. Display error message so user can fix the statement
  • Fix squashed up toolbar buttons for windows-based styles
  • Fix crash when removing a Database Connection
  • Fix deselecting text form’s text editor widget when moving to other widget
  • Let the spreadsheet import plugin to be found by Kexi
  • Fix crash on changing Auto Tab Order form property, set to true by default
  • Properly retrieve map element after saving and re-opening report
  • Removed resource leaks
  • Re-enable KPresenter (KPR)-to-Open Document Presentation (ODP) document filter

Install Calligra Office Suite 2.8.5

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install calligra
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