Adjust Laptop Brightness with WildGruppy

WildGruppy allows you to adjusts your laptop’s brightness automatically,┬áby using camera samples taken at a user definable interval. You can set your defined time interval for webcam to take samples. It means every certain seconds you’ve defined your webcam will take samples. You can set maxiumium level of the brightness. It means program will never set the brightness level above the maxiumium level you set. You can also set minimium level of the brightness.

You can always set the brightness manually from Brightness Levels menu. When you choose this option, webcam sampling process will stop. You also have a preset option called ‘Feeling lucky’. This takes a sample from your webcam at that time you click and set the right brightness level and will not take any further samples.

According to author – I see that lot of people are concerned about its battery consumption, so I did a small test that I left my laptop with Wildguppy on for 20 minutes and with Wildguppy off for exact same time. After first 20 minutes with Wildguppy on my battery level changed from 100% to 88%. Next 20 minutes with Wildguppy off my battery level went from 88% to 76%. Note that my battery is old, and it lost almost half of its capacity. But as I can see, in those two scenarios almost same amount of energy was wasted.

So why not give this a try and comment on your experience with it

Install WildGruppy on Ubuntu 14.04

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fantasyleague0629/wildguppy

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install wildguppy

– To make WildGuppy start as default, run following command

wget -O ~/.config/autostart/wildguppy-gtk.desktop

Note: if the folder ‘autostart’ does not exist, then create it and run the above command again

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